13 June 2011

South Korean family's Canada immigration ordeal almost resolved

The deportation order of a South Korean family may soon be lifted following reports that the Canadian immigration department is liaising with the family's provincial government to resolve the situation.

Canadian immigration

The Canadian immigration department's deportation order of a South Korean family may soon be lifted.

As Canada immigration law includes the provision for medical inadmissibility, the Maeng family of Moncton, New Brunswick, were told that they could face deportation because their youngest son, who has been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, may cost the province's health and education systems too much.

They were issued a notice that they must leave Canada by the end of June, even though they had been living in Moncton since emigrating to Canada from South Korea in 2003.

However, it has since been reported that their ordeal is now close to being resolved as a result of the Canadian federal government receiving a letter from the province stating that all health, education and social services will be provided for the Maeng family, provided that the family is granted permanent or temporary resident status.

Speaking on the situation, Robert Goguen, Conservative MP for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe had the following comments:

"There's been a real show of support for the family and for all the right reasons. They're very productive and look they're an integral part of our society in Moncton and that's exactly where we want to keep them," Goguen said Thursday.

"So I'm very pleased for them and, listen, if we would have had to put 10 times as much effort, we'd have done the same thing. I'm just glad it's coming to a halt before even close to this deadline that was looming on June 30."

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