06 January 2011

Canadian Immigration allows Chinese man to stay to care for brother

Canadian immigration have allowed to eldest of two Chinese brothers who lost their mother to cancer to stay in the country, sparing the youngest from becoming a ward of the state.

Canada immigration

A Chinese man's case to stay in Canada to care for his younger brother is being reviewed by immigration officials.

Canada Immigration officials earlier ordered Gao Zhi Xiang to leave the country, but when the 19-year-old met with officials on Tuesday they agreed to review his application for a temporary resident visa.

Gao came to Toronto on a temporary Canada Visa to see his dying mother, who was granted asylum on the grounds of religious persecution in China. She died one day after Gao arrived in October 2009.

Gao’s temporary visa expired at the end of 2009, and he has been living illegally in Canada in order to care for his younger brother, Zhi Xin, who cannot return to China because he fled the country with their mother as a refugee.

Zhi Xin, 8, is now a permanent resident of Canada and is a Grade 3 student at Charles G. Fraser Public School. Gao feared if he returned to China his brother would be placed in care.

Border officials will now review Gao’s application, which may take a few months, and an application to stay on humanitarian and compassionate grounds has also been made.

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