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Remaining Relative Visa

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The Remaining Relative Visa is designed to enable Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens, (who are usually resident and settled in Australia), to sponsor a remaining relative to migrate to Australia

Generally, you can apply for a Remaining Relative Visa if:

Determining if a Person is 'Usually Resident'

Following a recent decision by the Australian Full Federal Court, there are new procedures for assessing where a person is 'usually resident'.

Applicants may be asked to provide additional information about where they usually reside, so that their application can be assessed under the new procedures.

If you are in Australia now and you are considering applying for a Remaining Relative Visa, you need to know that:

All applicants should also note that that you may be asked to provide further information about where your near relatives usually reside, and in some cases, what contact you have with those near relatives.

Remaining Relative Sponsorship

Your application to migrate or remain permanently in Australia as a remaining relative must be sponsored by your relative in Australia.

Your application cannot be approved if your sponsor: