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Future Skills List

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The Future Skills List is set to be the replacement for both the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) and the Critical Skills List (CSL) as the tool used to select applicants with high value skills, and the Government is now considering three potential options:

  1. No Future Skills List in the GSM process

    The first option is not to have an occupational targeting mechanism at all, essentially scrapping any scheme where applicants with 'in-demand' skills receive additional points towards their GSM points test. This would help ensure that the program is not filled by applicants with a narrow range of occupations and remove the perception from some applicants that having an MODL-listed nominated occupation provides an 'easy' avenue towards permanent skilled migration.

    However, the drawback is that there would then be no method to ensure a positive migration outcome for those who fail to meet the Points Test requirements by just a few points.
  2. Future Skills List as component of GSM Points Test

    This option would see the MODL tied into the GSM points test, where applicants with recognised skills in a MODL occupation are awarded 5 points or 10 points where they had a job offer. A significant reduction of the points value would put less emphasis on the MODL as the best way to obtain a GSM Australia visa, while still rewarding applicants who have 'in-demand' skills.
  3. Future Skills List replaces the CSL as a prioritisation mechanism

    This option would have the Future Skills List essentially replace the Critical Skills List (i.e. applicants nominating an occupation under the Future Skills List would have their application receive priority processing).

    However, while this would give the occupations in demand priority, it has the same drawbacks as removing the Future Skills List from the GSM process.  Additionally, it could see applicants with high Points Test scores being processed some time after applicants with lower Points Test scores who happen to have an occupation on the Future Skills List.

When will the Future Skills List be introduced?

The Future Skills List was anticipated to be launched as part of the MODL review, but no mention of it was made upon its release on 8 February, 2010. However, there will be a new SOL (Skilled Occupation List)  was announced, though full details will not be released until mid-2010.