29 October 2007

Inflation lessened by UK immigration

Recent reports have stated that foreign-born workers in the UK are easing the pressure of inflation thanks to their contributions, with the Institute of Directors stating that as many as three quarters of their members believe that migrants have made a positive economic contribution.

Figures reveal that migrants to the UK are giving back more to the economy through their tax contributions than they are taking in services used, with the difference being as much as £2.5 billion according to government reports. 

The Institute of Directors report also stated their opinion that migrant workers were “significantly outperforming the existing workforce across a whole range of measures, including productivity, education and skills, work ethic, reliability and the amount of sick leave”.

The overall message that can be taken from these reports is that despite the recent criticisms of UK immigration, the figures point only towards it having a positive economic effect on British society.

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