01 April 2008

New UK immigration rules for Indian workers

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In the latest change to be implemented to the UK immigration system, Indian workers applying for skilled migration will now be doing so as part of a new UK visa class. The current HSMP visa will be replaced for skilled Indian migrants who will instead apply using the new Tier 1 General Skilled visa.

The Tier 1 General Skilled visa is the first tier of the UK's new points-based system, which will consist of 5 tiers. Tier 1 was first introduced to migrants already living in the UK on February the 29th, and as of today, to Indian nationals hoping to migrate to the UK. The rollout of Tier 1 to the rest of the world is currently scheduled to take place in the summer.

As the HSMP visa has already been operating on a points-based system, the shift to Tier 1 will be a relatively soft as a very similar version of the current HSMP assessment is used. However, a greater focus will be made on such fundamentals as educational qualifications, settlement funds and English language ability.

By following a points-based system that is very similar to the Australian immigration model, the hopes are that new migrants to the UK will enjoy a less convoluted process, which will now have only one stage instead of the previous two. Additionally, they will be able to calculate in advance of their application whether they meet the demands placed by the Department of Immigration. 

However, the system will also be more focussed on bringing in genuinely skilled workers to help meet the needs of the UK, requiring that all applicants provide proof of their eligibility for migration. For more information on the scheduled UK immigration changes coming this year, visit our 2008 visa changes page.

Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of their current position under UK visa regulations should request a call from a qualified UK Visa Bureau migration consultant to see if they are eligible for migration to the UK, or call direct on Freephone 0800 043 7011. Alternatively, HSMP visa hopefuls should try taking the HSMP online assessment.

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