31 March 2011

Australia to review student visa policy

The Australian government has commissioned a new review of the Australian student visa program, which will report to the government in mid 2011.

Australia student visa

New review of the Australian student visa program commissioned by the Australian government.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is undertaking a review of the Australian student visa program, with former minister Michael Knight appointed to carry out the review for presentation to the government in mid-2011. 

It has been nearly 10 years since the student visa program was last reviewed, during which time the number of international students has more than doubled.

On the page on the DIAC website where the review is announced, the reasons for the review are explained as follows:

"The international education sector is important to Australia in supporting bilateral ties with key partner countries, supports employment in a broad range of occupations throughout the Australian economy, as well as delivering high-value skills to the economy.

"The review is an opportunity for education providers and stakeholders to share their vision of the sector's future. It is tasked with enhancing the continued competitiveness of the international education sector, as well as strengthening the integrity of the Student visa program."

The Australian Government has also issued a discussion paper on the review programme and invited submissions from stakeholders by April 15. 

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