27 March 2008

Australian immigration accounts for half of country's population growth

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A record amount of people taking advantage of Australian immigration accounts for more than half of the country's recent population growth, it has emerged. Research from the Immigration Department reveals that 50,000 skilled workers moved to Australia in the past year, many of whom were from the UK. The report also states that the population of Australia reached a new high of 21 million in June last year.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans said: "Fifty-six per cent of the growth that's occurring in our population is coming from immigration, that's largely driven by the demand for skills, filling the needs of the economy." He added that this is a good thing as people coming in through Australian immigration are allowing the economy to grow as they "contribute to that growth and development". The immigration department in Australia aims to "enrich Australia through the well-managed entry and settlement of people". People interested in Australian immigration can take an Australia immigration points test to check their suitability.

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