07 May 2008

Social cohesion essential for the success of Australian visa holders

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A high-ranking Australian government official has said that social cohesion is essential for the success of the Australian immigration programme, as well as the wellbeing of residents. The comments reveal the importance the government places on providing an inclusive society for new arrivals who emigrate to Australia.

Laurie Ferguson, Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services spoke on the importance of understanding social cohesion in the country, stating "It is also critical to the continuing success of our immigration program in meeting growing demographic, labour and skills challenges and in our national response to a highly competitive world."

Mr Ferguson went on to say that often whether a migrant has a job is the best indicator of a successful integration into the country. However, he acknowledged that the task of creating social cohesion could not be reserved to the Australian Parliament, stating "Our progress towards a more cohesive and inclusive Australia requires efforts not just from government, but from all Australians."

Sourced indicate that the country is already on the road to providing a welcoming society for Australian visa holders, with a survey finding that residents in Australia support the country's intake of new migrants holders, with most reporting a "very strong sense of belonging". The Parliamentary Secretary's comments were made at a roundtable discussion in Melbourne today.

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