26 November 2009

Queensland most popular state for those who emigrate to Australia

New figures have shown the sandy beaches and blue skies of Queensland are luring more immigrants to settle there than anywhere else in Australia.

One-fifth of all those who emigrate to Australia now settle in Queensland, and the trend is likely to continue.  

State Treasury figures released this week showed immigrants accounted for half of Queensland's population growth, in contrast to Australian residents who accounted for 20 per cent.

Out of the total Australian immigration figures, 50,000 immigrants now settle in Queensland each year.

Most of these immigrants are skilled workers, but there has also been a record 25 per cent increase in overseas students on an Australian Student Visa, to 72,500.

Queensland's biggest source of overseas immigrants is New Zealand with more than half of all New Zealanders arriving in Australia choosing to settle there, but Britain is Queensland's second-biggest source with one-fifth of settlers in Queensland  Britons with an Australian Visa.

Queensland's economy has been fuelled by population growth, but with 60 per cent of new arrivals to the state settling around Brisbane the State Government is looking at incentives to encourage people to move to regional centres.

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