20 November 2009

Migrating Ben Elton sparks feud with Australian Council

Comedian and author Ben Elton, has already attracted the ire of an Australia council after installing solar panels to his Fremantle heritage-listed home without planning permission.

Elton, who will emigrate to Australia next month, was ordered by the council to remove the panels or face a £30,000 fine but later agreed to drop the fine after he applied for consent retrospectively.

The council ruled he can keep the panels, but must remove them after 25 years "in order to encompass future technological advances".

Newspapers have reported sources close to Elton saying he was furious at the decision.

The planning issues with the council are the latest incidents in a series of gaffs which has clouded Elton's move to Australia.

Elton and his Australian wife Sophie Gare will pass through Australian immigration next month and plan to live in the property permanently with their three children.

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