23 February 2010

Uni boosts accommodation for foreign students to study in Australia

A leading Australian university is building extra accommodation to house 1700 foreign students on-campus.

Study in Australia

Monash University will build extra on-campus accommodation for overseas students studying in Australia.

Monash University will build the new accommodation at the university's Clayton campus in Melbourne's southeast for foreign students in their first year of study in Australia.

Professor Paul Komesaroff, who was a member of a forum on Tuesday to discuss student issues, said one of the major problems for students is security as they travel late at night.

"One of the principal actions that is readily available to the university is to provide them accommodation on campus," Prof Komesaroff said.
"The idea is to build units for 1700 students to spend at least one year of their term in Australia on campus."

A recent survey of international students conducted by Victoria University found safe accommodation was a major concern among overseas students.

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