22 September 2009

Emigrate to Australia say the Irish

While Ireland’s unemployment rate is 12.5 per cent, the rate in Australia remains steady at 5.8 per cent, The Irish Times reported. This, combined with a number of other factors has made Australia a "safe haven" for Irish nationals willing to emigrate to Australia for a better life.

Australia has avoided recession, seen only a 0.2 per cent decrease in exports (US exports dropped by 15 per cent last financial year), and the government's economic stimulus package released at the beginning of the year is believed to have saved 200,000 jobs.

The Australian government’s $42 billion (£22.5 billion) economic stimulus package saw families get $1,000 for each child and low-income earners payments of up to $1,400, with later tax return filers last year getting an extra $600 to $900, depending on how much tax they paid.

The recently released Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Employment Outlook 2009 report says the Australian stimulus package saved up to 200,000 jobs.

These factors have made Australia "a safe haven", and many people have been emigrating to Australia to escape the recession in Ireland, the Irish Times reported.

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