24 September 2009

Population estimates include those on Australia visa says minister

Minister for Immigration and Citizienship, Senator Chris Evans has released a statement confirming that Australia's population estimates take into account migrants on permanent and temporary Australia visas, foreign students on an Australia Student Visa, and visitors who have been in Australia for a period of more than 12 months out of a 16 month period.

Australian skilled migration

The Australian Government has said it is committed to maintaining Australian skilled migration levels, particularly for professions such as engineers.

The statement comes after the Australian Treasury Department's intergenerational report predicted Australian immigration and a baby boom will see Australia with a population of 35 million by the year 2049, around 13 million more than the current estimated population in Australia of just under 22 million.

In the statement, Senator Chris Evans said it was important to remember that most temporary entrants to Australia, including temporary skilled workers, international students and visitors do not remain in Australia permanently and will eventually return to their home countries.

"As has long been the case, the Government can adjust the permanent migration levels according to the economic circumstances of the day."

For example, the Australia Government is now giving priority to emigrate to Australia those migrants with skills and professions in industries where there is demand, such as healthcare workers and engineers.

Senator Evans said over the next decade the Australian labour force will  start to decline over the coming decade without adequate levels of Australian skilled migration, and so the Australian Government is committed to providing a healthy level of skilled migration.


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