18 February 2008

IT skills shortage affecting Australia's ability to compete globally

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While some Australian IT firms are performing well in the global market, fears have been expressed that the country is being hampered by a skills shortage in this sector that is afflicting its ability to compete globally, Computerworld reports. The government is being urged to increase the available technical talent for the industry to facilitate the creation of innovations of the future.

The website notes that it is the duty of the government to enhance the international competitiveness and creation of employment opportunities, as well as boosting the standards of living and traversing the digital divide. It could do this by encouraging the immigration of skilled workers and those with an Australian sponsored visa as well as improving domestic training.

"There is a growing concern about Australia's ability to maintain our competitiveness; we must cultivate the skills needed to create tomorrow's innovations," Computerworld reports. "To survive, the Australian IT industry needs a continuous flow of new and innovative companies and ideas, all providing challenges to existing ways of thinking and changing market dynamics."

The Age recently reported that Australia has added more than a million jobs in the past four years, with more than 90% of net job growth coming form immigration, demographic factors and increasing workforce participation.

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