16 July 2009

Food TV programme to show Australian tourism highlights

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Tourism Australia has announced details of a new television series coming to UK screens this month that focuses on the types of food that visitors to Australia enjoy in various parts of the country.

Australian tourist visa

A new food programme will introduce the UK to Australian regional cusines and tourism highlights.

Bill's Holiday, presented by Australian chef Bill Granger, will have its premiere on the Good Food channel on 20 July, with a new episode being shown each week night.

It is hoped the series will promote Australia and its way of life, and encourage visitors to Australia. Those wanting to visit Australia for tourism reasons have only to apply for an Australian ETA Visa.

The seven-part series will follow Granger as he explores the diverse Australian landscape, ranging from the tropical climes of the north, to the Red Centre, and the cooler south giving an introduction to Australian cuisine

Along the way, the presenter meets a variety of characters who share their passion for foods such as salt bush lamb, sweet mandarins and freshly caught squid,

The chef also shares more than 40 of his favourite regional recipes, which viewers can make at home.

Those wanting to try Australian cuisine in Australia will be pleased to know that as it is off-peak season currently in Australia flights to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other big cities with a number of airlines are being offered at discount rates.

But don't forget your Australian visa.

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