10 January 2011

Support measures announced for Australian Visa holders affected by floods

The Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC) has announced support measures that are in place for Australian Visa holders affected by the Queensland and northern New South Wales floods.

Australian Visa

Australian Visa holders trapped in the floods who need immigration support are urged to contact DIAC.

The Australian Immigration department is aware there are significant numbers of temporary visa holders, including overseas workers and tourists, as well as permanent migrants, in flood-affected areas.

If people in the affected areas hold a visa which is about to expire, or work for a business which has been affected, or are otherwise concerned about their immigration status, they are urged to contact DIAC as soon as possible to discuss their circumstances and the options available.

The department is also in contact with employers of Australian visa holders in affected areas to offer advice and assistance, and businesses and sponsors who are concerned about the possible impacts on their overseas workers should also contact DIAC.

Affected visa holders or businesses can contact the department on 131 881.

DIAC expresses its sympathy to all people in those regions affected by the floods.

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