06 April 2009

Permanent Australian visa for Hobart teenager delayed

The permanent Australian visa case for Buddhaholy Siu will not be reviewed by the Immigration Minister Chris Evans just yet, reports The Mercury.

The 13-year-old had his permanent Australian visa application rejected by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) last year because he does not satisfy the requirements needed to obtain Australian residency. 

While the teenager applied for a permanent Australian visa last year, his case is still waiting intervention from Senator Evans to review his case as an exceptional circumstance.  Despite being born in Hobart, Buddhaholy was moved to Canada by his mother before he could obtain his Australian citizenship.  He was subsequently returned to Australia to be put under the care of a Buddhist leader in Hobart, Master Wang Xin-De.

Under Australian immigration law, Buddhaholy needs an Australian citizen, permanent Australian visa holder or eligible New Zealand citizen to sponsor him for an Australian child visa.  As Master Wang is legally Buddhaholy's guardian but is not his natural, step or adoptive parent, he cannot sponsor him for the Australian child visa.

A DIAC spokesperson has said the Minister is waiting for advice from a Tasmanian welfare authority before making a judgment on Buddhaholy's case.

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