08 April 2009

Boat people thought illegally emigrating to Australia headed for NZ

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A boat full of people thought to be illegally emigrating to Australia are reported to have been headed for New Zealand instead.

While caught en route to emigrating to Australia, the boat ran aground a reef in the Torres Strait, where Australian immigration authorities took them under custody for questioning.

While it is believed the people on the boat were seeking asylum in Australia, a Government source said that they claimed they were attempting emigrating to New Zealand instead. 

After Australian immigration officials had warned the New Zealand High Commission of  the boat last week, the New Zealand Government issued a warning to them to avoid the reefs in the Torres Strait if they were heading in that direction. 

While the boat remained in international waters, neither government could legally intercept the boat. After a storm hit the Torres Strait, the boat full of asylum seekers decided that Australia would be the safest choice.

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