06 January 2011

Migration agents could expedite Australia visa processing, says CEO

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A backlog of Australia immigration applications from skilled migrants could be reduced if the immigration department could better allocate resources, Australian business sector and migration employment advocates have said.

Australian Visa

The government should speed up Australian Visa processing so skilled workers in heathcare and other industries can emigrate, business leaders have said.

The Australia Immigration Department says there is a backlog of applications from about 140,000 skilled workers wanting to emigrate to Australia.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Migration Institute of Australia, Maurene Horder has said her organisation's migration agents could provide the department with help in speeding up the administrative process.

"The problem for Australia is that we are going to get a very, very bad reputation soon, if people do not want to come here because this process is just too arduous and too difficult and that is not going to help anybody," she said.

Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peter Anderson said skilled workers are particularly needed in industries such as health, the aged care sector, construction and energy resources.

Mr Anderson is urging the Immigration Department to do more to address the backlog of Australia visa applications from potential overseas workers.

"It's extremely unfortunate to say the least that at the time when skills shortages are emerging in our economy, we do have a backlog in assessing applications for skilled migration.

"Our migration system does need to retain its integrity, it does need to ensure that proper checking and vetting occurs, but lengthy delays do nothing to assist either the individuals concerned or the economy," Mr Anderson said.

Australia's Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen says there will always be a large number of skilled migrants who want to work in Australia.

"Of course there is demand for skilled labour, and skilled migration, and we've made significant changes to reflect that demand. But I think we will always have the situation where there a more people who want to come and work in Australia than the economy can sustain," he said.  

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