02 January 2009

Wanted Down Under is back for series three

The BBC's popular "Wanted Down Under" returns for its third series in 2009 on BBC one. "Wanted Down Under" follows families in the UK through the ups and downs of making the move to Australia. Previous series of "Wanted Down Under" have followed Visa Bureau clients as they made big move.

"Wanted Down Under" provides a unique perspective to would-be migrants by giving families a one-week trial in Australia, helping families learn what life is really like in their potential home before making a permanent move. 

The programme resists the easy temptation of painting a rosy picture of life down under, and has never flinched from showing the realities of emigration and of establishing a home in Australia.  Some families find the distance from loved ones in the UK too difficult, or find the job market less appealing than they thought.  However, others realise that they can thrive in a new life down under and decide to make the life changing move.

The latest series will follow British families from different walks of life, including a policeman looking for work in Adelaide, and singe mum giving Darwin a one-week trial.

"Wanted Down Under" returns to the BBC on January 5 at 09:15 on BBC one.  You can find the broadcast schedule on the BBC website, or view the programme on the BBC iPlayer.

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Article by Editorial Staff, Australian Visa Bureau.

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