05 January 2009

Irish Emigration to Australia

The Independent reports that skilled young workers from Ireland are leading a modern day emigration wave out of Ireland for sunnier pastures down under. As Ireland braces for a tough financial year in 2009, travel agencies and airlines are swamped with one-way bookings to Australia.

Although interest in work visas to Australia comes from almost all age groups, the leaders of the latest wave of Irish emigration are young workers – most under 29 years old.  Trailfinders, a major Irish travel agent, is reporting huge increases in Australian travel bookings, to the point where flights to Australia are nearly fully booked for the entire month of January.

Young travellers to Australia may be particularly interested in the Australia Working Holiday Visa, which allows Irish workers under the age of 31 to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months.  Irish passport holders who wish to make a more permanent move can consider emigrating to Australia through the General Skilled Migration Programme.

The Irish Central Statistics office reports that emigration from Ireland is approaching a 20 year record.  Over 45,000 left Ireland between April 2007 and April 2008, with the trend expected to increase as the Irish economy braces for a recession and Australia’s comparatively stable economy becomes more appealing.  Australia and New Zealand are the destinations for nearly a quarter of all Irish emigration.

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Article by Editorial Staff, Australian Visa Bureau.

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