25 August 2010

Study from the school of life on an Australian working holiday

Unlimited places available for young Brits to take an Australian gap year

As many as 150,000 young British students face the prospect of missing out of a university place by the end of this week - but in sharp contrast the Australian Government has unlimited numbers of working holiday visas for young Brits to study the “school of life”.

More than a quarter of UK University applicants are still without a place on a degree course, according to latest figures from university admissions service Ucas.  Up to 187,000 candidates were still chasing a place on Monday, with Ucas predicting that at least 150,000 of these candidates will miss out. 

Australian Visa Bureau Director Guy Bradley said young Britons facing shrinking university places and poor job options in the UK could have a very different experience in the recession-defying Australia - and there are unlimited working holiday places available.   “Australia has always been one of the most popular destinations for young Britons on a gap year, and there is good reason for that.    

“The shear breadths of experiences that are possible in Australia are enormous.  

“From snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns to picking your way around Australia on the famous harvest trail - studying from the school of life in Australia could mean a year or two of experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life,” Mr Bradley said. 

With Australia moving into Spring next month it is a great time to apply for a visa to escape the British winter by yourself or a group of friends.  

“Perhaps best of all, the Australian Working Holiday Visa allows you to take up work to fund your travels. You might be surprised at the interesting and fun jobs that working holiday makers can take up all around Australia,” Mr Bradley said.   

A recent campaign by the South Australian Government has highlighted the quirky jobs available in Australia for those willing to take up a working holiday. Jobs from Koala catcher, Fairy Penguin home remodeler, official beer taster and shark tagger are on offer by the South Australia Government – and all Brits have to do is head to the state on a working holiday visa to be in with a chance of scoring a dream job.  

The UK is the largest country of origin for Australian Working Holiday visas - last year 37,056 young people from the UK were granted this visa – but because of the historical and diplomatic ties between the two countries the Australian government does not place a cap of the number of these visas issued to young Brits, provided they meet visa requirements.  

The Australian Working Holiday visa allows young people aged 18 to 30 the opportunity to live and work in Australia for up to 12 months, as well as the ability to study for up to four months.  

Completing three months’ work in a rural area in a specified occupation, such as fruit picking, will also give UK young people the option to further extend their visa by another 12 months, making the trip up to 24 months long.  

To be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa, applicants must hold a valid passport with at least one year until renewal, and enough funds to support themselves for an initial period when they arrive in Australia.    

There is also a health and character requirement, as applicants must not have any substantial criminal convictions or medical issues. 
Young people can take a free online assessment to determine their eligibility for the Australian Working Holiday Visa by visiting the online working holiday application or the Australian Visa Bureau website.


About Australian Visa Bureau

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