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VETASSESS: Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services

If you intend to apply for migration to Australia under one of the General Skilled Migration categories, you must have a nominated occupation which is on the Skilled Occupations List at the time you apply. In order to make a valid application, you must have obtained a skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

VETASSESS is the assessing authority for a large variety of professionals, associate professionals, managers and administrators on the Skilled Occupations List.

A skill assessment involves providing a written opinion on the comparability of your post secondary qualifications, such as university or polytechnic qualifications, to the Australian qualifications required for an occupation identified on the Skilled Occupation List. (Note: work experience is not assessed)

In conducting this assessment VETASSESS will take into account a range of factors including:

The skills assessment will reflect the views of VETASSESS based on the information and documentation you provide and research undertaken by VETASSESS staff. As the skills assessment is an opinion, VETASSESS is under no obligation to accept or be bound by statements, opinions or proclamations made by third parties.

It should be noted that skill assessments are not an assessment of:

At the completion of the skill assessment process you will be provided with a written statement by VETASSESS on the comparability of your post secondary qualifications to the Australian qualifications required for your nominated occupation.