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Australian Institute of Radiographers (AIR)

If you intend to apply for migration to Australia under one of the General Skilled Migration categories, you must have a nominated occupation which is on the Skilled Occupations List at the time you apply. In order to make a valid application, you must have obtained a skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation.

AIR is the assessing authority for the following occupations:

Radiography or Radiation Therapy and Ultrasound qualifications obtained outside Australia are assessed for equivalency with the Australian standard at the time of qualifying. An application for assessment is considered by the AIR Overseas Qualifications Assessment Panel. Assessments are based on equivalency with the Australian Standard at undergraduate academic and clinical levels. Postgraduate education and clinical experience may be taken into consideration in the assessment process.

The assessment is based on guidelines from the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR), a branch of the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

Substantiated evidence is required from your past and present employers verifying your Radiography experience. Employer evidence of 'recency of practice' i.e. the last 5 years, is a minimum requirement. This substantiated evidence of clinical experience should be from a Chief Radiographer, Head of Department or similar and written on hospital or employer's letterhead paper.

Diagnostic Radiography

Radiation Therapist