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Life in Australia

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Life in Australia has plenty of benefits - the weather, the lifestyle and the lack of a language barrier are just some of the most common reasons people choose to move to Australia.

The country has such obvious and strong ties to the UK and Ireland that few British and Irish people don't know someone - a family member or friend - that hasn't made the move before them.

You probably already know more about living in Australia than most other countries but much of it will be based on opinion or what you've seen in the media, in this section we'll look at some of the different aspects of regular life in Australia.


The lifestyle of sun, sand and sea is one of the most alluring factors in most people's decision to move to Australia. This section looks at the Australian culture, day to day life and food.

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Buying property in Australia

The Australian property market has proved much more resilient than its British counterpart. This section includes average house prices in Australian capital cities and a guide to buying or renting a property .

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The healthcare industry in Australia is known as Medicare. This section includes the taxes involved, the services available and the registration process.

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A common misconception about Australia is that it is always hot but with a country almost the size of Europe, weather patterns and climates across the country can vary.

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Australian schools

While moving to Australia will always be a difficult process, migrating with children - especially young children - can further complicate the process. This section includes details on the Australian education industry, from the cost of childcare and curriculum to university costs.

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Australia is a world leader in the international education industry and has many first rate higher education institutions. This section includes details on the best schools in the country, the courses offered and the accommodation.

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