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You have selected Sales/Marketing/Advertising , here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

Advertising Specialist Australia
  • Plans, develops, coordinates and implements campaigns to inform the organisation's target market of the merits of purchasing particular products, services and buying from the organisation in general.
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Market Research job Australia
  • Determines the market for new products, develops advertising strategies and evaluates the best business sites for various types of commercial enterprise.
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Marketing Specialist Australia
  • Identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for the pricing and promotion of an organisation's products or services.
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Public Relations Officer job Australia
  • Plans, develops, coordinates and implements programs of information dissemination to create an understanding and a favourable view of an organisation, its products, services and role in the community.
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Sales Mananger job Australia
  • Plans and directs the sales and marketing activities of an organisation.
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Sales Rep job Australia
  • Represents companies in selling a range of specialised chemicals, machinery, manufacturing materials or other industrial supplies.
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Sales Representative Job Australia
  • Represents companies in selling information and communications equipment, systems and solutions to businesses.
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Medical Sales Rep Australia
  • Represents companies in selling medical, dental or veterinary equipment, supplies and pharmaceutical products.
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Technical Sales Rep Australia
  • This occupation group covers Technical Sales Representatives not elsewhere classified.
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