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Human Resources/Personnel

You have selected Human Resources/Personnel , here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

Careers Counsellor Australia
  • Advises individuals and groups about career choices and assists individuals with self-development.
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Human Resource Manager job Australia
  • Plans, administers and reviews activities concerned with staff selection, training and development, conditions of employment and other human resource issues within an organisation.
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Industrial Relations Officer job Australia
  • Assists in resolving disputes by advising on industrial relations policies and problems, and representing industrial, commercial, union, employer or other organisations in negotiations.
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Personnel Consultant job Australia
  • Interviews applicants to determine their job requirements and suitability for particular jobs, and assists employers to find suitable staff.
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Personnel Officer job Australia
  • Provides staffing and personnel administration services in support of an organisation's human resources policies and programs.
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Training Officer job Australia
  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates training and development programs, to ensure management and staff acquire the skills and develop the competencies required by the organisation.
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