14 October 2010

UK Visa applicant arrested in India for fraud

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A UK Visa applicant has been arrested at the UK Border Agency offices in Chennai, South India, for visa fraud.

UK Visa

A UK Visa applicant in India has been arrested for submitting falsified documents.

The UK Border Agency and Chennai police co-operated in the arrest of the UK Visa applicant who submitted falsified documents in support of a Tier 1 (General) application.

UK Border Agency entry clearance manager, Ms Gemma Dodgson, said unfortunately the agency was seeing increasing numbers of forged documents.

“Our document checks are very thorough. The UK Border Agency refuses applications that are supported by false documents and the applicant also faces a ban of up to 10 years on travel to the UK. As this case shows, we will also refer cases to the police, with whom we have good co-operation."

Almost 1000 UK Visa applicants had had their visa applications refused by the UK Border Agency in the first nine months of 2010, and now face a 10-year ban because they submitted forged documentation or false information.

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