13 October 2010

York College gains ‘trusted’ status from UK Immigration

York College has been given Highly Trusted Sponsor Status by the UK Border Agency, clearing the way for the college to continue to recruit international students.

UK Student Visa

York College has been granted Highly Trusted Sponsor Status and can recruit international students under new UK Visa rules.

The Highly Trusted Sponsor Status is a necessary qualification under new UK Student Visa  rules for all educational institutions offering post-16 educational programmes.

The status is given by UK Immigration to colleges that have proved they have the necessary quality systems in place to monitor and track its international students.

Bob Saynor, York College’s assistant principal, said the college was proud of the international students’ achievements and appreciates the different cultural perspectives and knowledge that they offer to local students.

“This year we expect to recruit around 160 students from up to 20 different countries around the world. Our international students have a very high success rate. They study with us and progress to either the University of York or other top universities in the country.

“These students will bring in about £750,000 in fees and the same amount again in contributions to the local economy,” he said.  

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