05 June 2009

UK visa rules under question for telecommunications company

A recent controversial case with a telecommunications company and UK visa rules has caused the UK Border Agency to investigate claims about recruiting cheaper off-shore labour, reports BBC News.

The telecommunications company says it has been using the UK visa rules to its advantage by using a sister company in India to source IT contractors, which cost half the hiring cost of local IT specialists in England.

The company says this process is called on-site, off-shoring and UK visa rules allow for companies to employ staff abroad if they are part of the same company.  If the workers are based in a non-EU country, then they need to apply for an intra-company UK visa in order to work in the UK. 

In March, David Metcalfe, chair of the Migrating Advisory Committee, said that he will be heading a review into the claims against the telecommunications company, if they are exploiting the intra-company UK visa route.

"The people coming in to do IT jobs are disproportionately coming in through the intra company transfer route and we will be having a proper look at that in our review," Professor Metcalfe said.

"If there were real elements of, for example displacement or undercutting, we will report on this."

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