04 November 2010

Prime Minister says inter-company transfers should be exempt from UK Visa cap

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Inter-company transfers should be exempt from the government's planned UK Visa cap on people from outside the European Union, the Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday.

UK Visa

Inter-company transfers should be excluded from the UK Visa cap, the Prime Minister has said.

Multinational companies in particular would be severely affected in their ability to transfer staff in and out of the UK as their skills are needed, if inter-company transfers were included in the UK Visa cap. 

Even tough restrictions on recruiting skilled overseas workers would affect the UK economy and the ability to do business in a global economy, large companies have warned the government over the past months.

The Coalition government plans to introduce an annual UK Visa cap on workers from outside the EU next April, although details about the level of the cap have not yet been announced.

An interim cap already in place amounts to a five per cent reduction on the same period in the previous year.

Cameron told Parliament yesterday that the government believed it would be possible to improve immigration controls without disadvantaging business, and intra-company transfers would not be included in the cap.
Cameron said on October 25 that his government would do everything possible to prevent the planned UK immigration cap from starving UK companies of key skilled workers.

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