04 February 2010

New Zealand immigration reaches five-year high

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New Zealand’s annual immigration growth reached the highest level in more than five years in December, fueling consumer spending and demand for housing which may speed the economy’s recovery from recession.

New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand immigration has hit a five-year high and the increasing demand for goods and services may boost the economy.

In 2009 the number of permanent migrant arrivals exceeded departures by 21,253, Statistics New Zealand announced, and it is the highest level since the period ended June 2004.

Last year’s surge in net immigration has been boosted by fewer New Zealanders moving overseas than usual, mainly due to the global recession.

Around 41,600 New Zealand citizens permanently departed last year, the lowest calendar year tally since 2003. The result is also 19,160 fewer than in 2008, the Statistics New Zealand report said.

Overall permanent departures fell 22 percent in 2009, the report showed.

Most permanent migrants arrive as part of the New Zealand immigration skilled migration programme.

Tourist arrivals in New Zealand also surged in December mainly due to an aggressive campaign to promote New Zealand as a destination for Australian travellers, which compensated for the reduction in tourist arrivals from Asia and Europe.

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