29 June 2011

Barcode identification plan for new Australian migration arrivals

The Australian government is in the process of finalising a deal to bring in 800 refugees from Australia to Malaysia in exchange for a number of illegal asylum seekers being returned to Malaysia. As part of the deal, it is planned that each arriving refugee will be given a barcode for identification on arrival.

Australian immigration

The Australian government will be assigning new refugees a barcode for identification on arrival.

At the moment, the refugee deal is set to be signed in early July. It is currently believed that the only detail that needs to be agreed upon is which country would be responsible for sending immigrants back to their country if they did not meet Australian refugee according to Australia visa criteria.

The refugees arriving from Malaysia will be screened by national security and tested for communicable diseases, and also issued with a special barcode, which only immigration officials will be able to scan with mobile phones.

The plan to assign the Malaysian refugee arrivals a barcode for identification comes as Senior Home Affairs officials state that they will not be given special treatment.

Fearing a revolt by Malaysia's 94,000 illegal immigrants, the Home Affairs Department has declared that the 800 arrivals would need to find their own accommodation after the initial processing. The UNHCR is expected to be provided with increased funding to assist the new arrivals.

The refugees would also face other strict rules including not being allowed to work and not getting access to public schools or healthcare.

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