17 October 2008

Qantas give tourists a chance to "Go Walkabout" like Luhrmann's film

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This month, Tourism Australia and Baz Luhrmann released a worldwide campaign to market Australia as a "must-visit" destination. Their movie-style advertising campaign has focused on Australia’s unique adventure qualities: “walkabout”, release, joy, and self-reconnection, and now Qantas has jumped on board to provide international tourists with the dream-like experience they see in the advertisements.

"We knew that this huge film would create a wave of publicity that would put the country in the spotlight around the globe," Tourism Australia Managing Director Geoff Buckley said of his new advertising campaign.  "And we found that the film’s story had a remarkable resonance for what we do marketing the country as a travel destination."

Inspired by Baz Luhrmann's movie Australia, which is due for release in November, and the spin-off advertising campaign encouraging tourists to rediscover themselves on walkabout in Australia, Qantas has designed four new themed itineraries, one that focuses on historic outback pubs, and three that follow in the footsteps of the film.

International visitors to Australia need an Australian holiday visa, except for New Zealand passport holders.  Visitors wishing to travel the country can apply for a short-stay tourist visa, or ETA, which is valid for three months.  The conditions of the visa mean that tourists cannot work at any time during their stay in Australia.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Australian Visa Bureau.

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