14 April 2009

Emigrating to Australia to be better protected after international meeting

People emigrating to Australia using illegal means will be a primary discussion point at an international meeting to be held today and tomorrow in Indonesia.

While emigrating to Australia legally will be high on the agenda at the Bali Process Ministerial meeting today, so too will be discussions between more than 40 countries about how leaders can combat people smuggling and transnational crime. 

The Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith and the Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr Hassan Wirajuda will chair the meeting, with Immigration Minister Chris Evans and Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus representing Australia.

A number of boats have recently been found to be illegally helping people emigrating to Australia, and Senator Chris Evans said more cooperative work between nations needs to be established in order to overcome the illegal rackets.

"Recent boat arrivals to Australia and other countries in our region demonstrate that we are not immune from the conflict and insecurity that drives irregular movement. People smugglers remain active and willing to exploit the displaced and vulnerable," Senator Evans said.

"Australia will continue to work with our partners to improve further border security and migration management while at the same time ensuring appropriate support for displaced populations and resolution of protracted humanitarian situations."

Mr Debus agreed with Senator Evans sentiments: "This forum is an excellent opportunity to recognise and build on the regional efforts undertaken to date to detect and deter the activities of criminal networks engaged in people smuggling and human trafficking."

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