13 October 2009

Liza Minnelli returns to Australia for tour

Liza Minnelli has spoken of her excitement to be back in Australia, where she will be performing as part of her national tour and guest judging on Australian Idol.

The performer was granted an Australian visa for the tour almost 20 years after she last performed in the country in the 1960s with her then husband Peter Allen.

Minnelli has returned many times since the 1960s but when arriving in Sydney this week before the start of her Australian tour Minnelli said she was thrilled to be back.

"Oh my favourite time was the first time I came here with Peter," Minnelli told media at a news conference.

"I loved it so much and I've loved it ever since then.

"I love the Harry's meat pies, I love Bondi Beach, and all the people I know all over the country I'm looking forward to seeing."

The Liza tour takes in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, after two sold-out nights at the Sydney Opera House starting on Friday.

Minnelli will also be a celebrity judge on Australian Idol this Sunday.

Minnelli was issued an Australian entertainers visa and all visitors to Australia for tourism or business purposes, except Australian or New Zealand passport holders, must have an Australian visa. The most popular Australian tourist visa is the ETA visa.  

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