03 December 2009

Extremist Brigitte would never be issued an Australian Visa says government

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Convicted French militant Willie Brigitte would be denied entry to Australia if he ever wanted to return, the Australian government says.

Character and security requirements are considered standard requirements as part of any Australian Visa grant.

A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Chris Evans said Brigitte, who was once married to an Australian woman, would fail the Australian immigration good character test to obtain a visa to enter the country

"Anyone who gets a visa to Australia has to meet not only character requirements but also security requirements which include national security concerns and obviously there would be some issues there," she said.

The spokeswoman said it was unlikely that Brigitte would even be able to leave France as the French Government are unlikely to issue travel documents to a convicted terrorist.

Brigitte, a Muslim convert from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, was deported from Australia to France in 2003.

He was detained in France and convicted in 2007 on charges of criminal conspiracy in relation to terrorism offences.

His Paris-based lawyer says he could be freed next year for good behaviour after serving six years of his nine-year term.

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