01 November 2010

UK man arrested over Australian Working Holiday Visa fraud

A British national has be arrested on charges of supplying fraudulent information to the Australian Immigration department in regards to a second working holiday visa application.

Australian working holiday visa

The Australian Immigration Department is clamping down on second Australian Working Holiday Visa fraud.

The man was arrested by Australian Federal Police on Sunday after he arrived at Brisbane airport, in transit through Australia on his way home to Britain. He faces charges of allegedly giving fraudulent information about a female acquaintance's application for a second Australian Working Holiday Visa.

The man is expected to appear before the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The Australian Immigration Department has been clamping down on fraud relating to second Australian Working Holiday Visas and so far since June it has cancelled 162 second working holiday visas on the basis of fraudulent claims.

Australian Working Holiday Visa holders can apply for a second 12-month visa provided they fulfil certain requirements, which include three months of regional employment in a specified industry.

"However, these applications are closely scrutinised and assessed - in this case, the applicant, who has already been fined $5000, and this man allegedly together provided false and misleading information in an effort to secure a second visa for this woman," the spokesman said in a statement on Sunday.

Temporary visa holders who become involved in immigration fraud can face charges with possible jail terms of up to 10 years.

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