31 August 2007

IT industry boom in US leads to demand for skilled migrant

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Demand for IT professionals continues to rise in the US. As technology becomes increasingly affordable and available to many industries, there seems no end to the market for skilled IT workers. For experienced IT professionals interested in American immigration there are many career opportunities.

The technology industry remains one of the fastest growing career fields. The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has said employment in the computer sciences and math fields increased by 78 per cent last year, compared to a 17 per cent increase in non-science and tech fields.
At the same time, the GAO found decreasing numbers of science, maths, engineering and technology graduates.

"Because so many people are retiring, there is a huge demand for information technology graduates right now," Heidi Godbold, computer information science chair of Everest College in Colorado, told the Queens Courier newspaper.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects high demand for IT workers to continue.

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