19 August 2008

Quicker US visa checks for London City flight

People travelling from the UK to the US will be able to get quicker immigration checks on a stopover in Ireland in British Airways' new flight plans. According to the company, passengers will be able to go through a US immigration check at a refuelling stop in Shannon airport in order to speed up the process.

The airline will begin the daily flights, aimed at corporate travellers, from London's City airport to New York next year. It will be the first long-haul flight from the capital's location and will feature a plane with 32 flat-bed seats.

According to the airline, it cannot travel all the way to the US without refuelling and so has opted for the Ireland stopover as the base is licensed for US arrival checks and will speed up the travellers' processing time.

In addition, a new website has recently been launched for people travelling to America, which allows passengers to apply for a US visa waiver online. The facility means visa checks can be carried out ahead of the passenger flying to the country, Travel Blackboard reports.

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