13 May 2010

American immigration gains ground as a US election issue

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American immigration issues are proving to be a major part in the tight race to become the Republican Party’s nominee for governor.

American immigration

American immigration has become a major issue in the race for the California Republican governor nominee.

Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner are the two candidates for nomination, and although Whitman as recently as March was ahead by 50 points the gap has closed down to just two points thanks to American immigration issues.

Poizner’s ads brand Whitman as a ‘liberal' who "supports Obama's amnesty plan" and opposes Arizona's controversial immigration law, but this contrast between the two didn’t exist until recently.

On their March 15 televised debate, Whitman explained her American immigration plan, which includes improved implementation of online systems to verify legitimate workers and the elimination of sanctuary cities.

"I'm a hundred percent against amnesty," said Whitman.

Poizner's contrast with Whitman didn't exist then, "I agree with most of what Meg Whitman said," said Poizner.

At the time of the debate both candidates appeared to agree on everything, with little differences in policy, but since then Poizner's campaign has continued touting American immigration as a wedge issue between the two,  leaving Whitman playing defense in the final days of the race.

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