07 February 2011

US Visa relief for students conned by allegedly bogus university

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US immigration officials are considering reinstating the US Visa status of overseas students who have lost their student visas due to the closure of a “bogus” university in California.

US Visa

Students caught after the closing of a Californian university could be issued another US Visa.

Immigration officials have indicated that they are considering the possibility of reinstating students’ US Visa status through the I-539 form.  When a person does not have a visa status and the individual is not in criminal violation, US immigration may agree to give the reinstatement of his or her status under this form.

Tri-Valley University in California is being investigated by officials for allegedly selling US student visas to overseas nationals. The university has now been closed and complaints have been filed against its director.

Hundreds of Indian students, mostly from Andhra Pradesh, faced the threat of being deported back home after having lost their student visa status.

This is not expected to be a general amnesty by immigration officials, and authorities will consider the status change or visa extension on a case by case basis.

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