03 February 2011

US Visa cases of allegedly fraudulent Indian students under scrutiny

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United States officials are looking into US Visa cases of Indian students caught up in the alleged immigration fraud by Tri-Valley University in the San Francisco area.

US Visa

Officials are investigating the US Visas of Indian students at Tri-Valley University.

Tri-Valley University and the school’s founder Susan Su are under investigation by the US immigration and customs. It is alleged Su was part of an elaborate scheme to defraud the immigration system, using false statements and misrepresentations to the Department of Homeland Security.

The government claims, Su and Tri-Valley University have made millions of dollars in tuition fees for issuing US Visa  related documents that enabled foreign nationals, the majority of them from India, to obtain student immigration status and enter the US.  The immigration department is now investigating hundreds of students to ensure they are genuine.

The Director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), John Morton, has said that his team would handle the case with sensitivity and exercise good judgment and commonsense.

ICE officials also said while they believe fraud was involved in the case of some students, there were definitely other cases where the students were victims.

“Our position is that students should not be victimised and should be given the option to either transfer to another university or visa or return to India and reapply for a visa,” officials said.

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