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Indonesia Visa

Basic Requirements 

With the exceptions of visitors from the countries of Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (who are permitted for up to 30 days entry to Indonesia without an Indonesia visa), all visitors to Indonesia must have successfully completed a visa application in order to enter the country.

Processing Times 

When applying for an Indonesia visa, processing time and fees are very dependent on the visa class, as well as the nationality of the applicant and the time of year.  Both the time taken to process the visa application and the cost are subject to change, but by having an understanding of each Indonesia visa class and seeking professional assistance when making an application, you can be assured the most time and cost efficient process possible.

Need to apply for an Indonesia visa? Click here for more information Need to apply for an Indonesia visa?  Click here for more information.

Temporary Indonesia Visas

Indonesia Tourist Visa 

An Indonesia tourist visa has a maximum validity of up to 3 months, but permits a stay of no longer than 60 days within this 3 month timeframe. although longer stays are also possible.  This tourist visa (also known as the 'visitor visa' or 'visit visa') allows the holder entry to Indonesia, but strictly forbids them from engaging in any work while they are in Indonesia.  Indonesian tourist visa holders are also not allowed to extend their stay beyond the limits of the visa.

Transit Visa

Indonesia also offers a transit visa (which is also known as the short visit tourists visa issued on arrival).  Essentially this permits applicants to transfer through Indonesia for a period of up to 7 days while they are en route to another destination. Again, this visa class is strictly for travel purposes only, and holders cannot engage in any work or extend their stay while on this visa. As such, they must demonstrate that they have travel tickets for onward travel set before the transit visa's expiry.  

Please note: The transit visa is only available on arrival via a set number of airports and seaports in Indonesia.

Travelling to Indonesia? If so, you'll need an Indonesia visa. Click here to make applying for an Indonesia visa easy Travelling to Indonesia?  If so, you'll need an Indonesia visa.  Click here to make applying for an Indonesia visa easy.

Indonesia Business Visa  

The Indonesia business visa is designed to allow business travellers to come to Indonesia in order to pursue business activities, such as attending meetings and conferences.  However, it excludes holders from seeking employment in Indonesia.

An Indonesian business visa has a maximum length of stay of 60 days, although extensions can be obtained from the immigration authorities in Indonesia. It is suggested that the Indonesia business visa be applied for locally on the behalf of the applicant, by their business counterpart in Indonesia. 

The Indonesia business visa can also be granted as either a single or multiple entry.  While both visas have the same maximum length of stay of 60 days, the single entry visa has the same validity length as the tourist visa - 3 months.  However, a multiple entry Indonesian visa means it can be used repeatedly, for the entireity of the visa's validity, and has a validity of 1 year.

Travelling to Indonesia on business? Make sure you apply for an Indonesia visa Travelling to Indonesia on business?  Make sure you apply for an Indonesia visa.

Indonesian Embassy Information

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia 
38 Grosvenor Square
38A Adams Row
Telephone:  020 7499 7661 
Fax:  020 7491 4993