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Russian Visa

Russian visa

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All visitors require a visa to enter Russia, and there are a number of different visa options depending on the nature of your visit. If you are travelling to Russia, you can apply online for a Russian visa

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Basic Requirements 

When travelling to Russia in any capacity, you will be required to gain a visa.  There are a number of different visa classes, depending on the purpose of your visit.

In order to obtain a Russian visa, you will need to get an invite direct from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, or from an agency registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Visa Company can arrange this on your behalf.  You can apply for your Visa up to 3 months before your intended arrival date.

Please note: There are cities in Russia that have restricted access due to their special military or strategic significance. These may change from time to time but can include: Baranul, Habarovsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Niznii, Novgorod, Omsk, Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky, Piatiogorsk, Rostov-Na-Donu, Sahalin, Samara, Ufa and Vladivostok.

Processing Times

When applying for a Russian visa, processing time and fees are very dependent on the visa class, as well as the nationality of the applicant and the time of year.  However, a short stay visa application can generally be processed within seven working days. Additionally, as Russian immigration law is often changed with little warning, this may result in further delays to a visa application.

Need to apply for an Russian visa? Click here for more information Need to apply for an Russian visa?  Click here for more information.

Temporary Russian Visas

Russian Tourist Visa 

The Russian Tourist visa is designed for visitors to the country who are visiting for the purposes of tourism and only for a short period of time. A Russian Tourist Visa can be issued for either single or double entry, but only for a validity of no more than 30 days.  Additionally, the Russian Tourist Visa does not allow the visa holder to engage in any kind of employment and cannot be extended while the holder is in Russia.

Applications for Russian tourist visas require an invitation to be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a Ministry approved travel agency / organisation.  You will also be required to provide a current passport from your country of residence with a validity of at least six months after the expiry of the Russian visa.

Russian Private Visa

Should you wish to temporarily relocate to Russia in order to see family and friends, then the responsibility will fall on them to obtain an official invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travelling to Russia? If so, you'll need an Russian visa. Click here to make applying for an Russian visa easy Travelling to Russia?  If so, you'll need an Russian visa.  Click here to make applying for an Russian visa easy.

Russian Business Visa  

Like the Russian tourist visa, the Russian business visa can be granted as either a single or double entry permit.  However, unlike the tourist visa, the Russian business visa can be valid for up to 90 days, as well as the standard 30 days, with another variant with a maximum duration of one year also available.  However, when applying for a one year multiple entry Russian business visa, applicants may be required to provide an HIV certificate.

Russian business visas are valid for a range of activities including attending meetings, negotiations, or conferences. However, they are not valid for any Russian employment.

Again, the Russian visa application process demands that an invitation be extended before a visa application is made.  Rather than coming from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs though, the invitation is required to come from a Russian company and then sent as a hard copy or telex to the correct Russian consulate. 

Travelling to Russia on business? Make sure you apply for a Russian visa Travelling to Russia on business?  Make sure you apply for a Russian visa.

Russian Embassy Information

The Embassy of the Russian Federation 
5 Kensington Palace Gardens
W8 4QS
Telephone:  0207 229 8027 
Fax:  020 7229 3215