30 June 2010

Population hits 34 million thanks to Canadian visa grants

Canada’s population eclipsed the 34-million mark for the first time ever, Statistics Canada has revealed.

Canadian Visa

The population has increased largely due to Canadian Visa grants followed by births.

Statistics Canada said the country’s population was 34,019,000 on April 1, an increase of 88,000 people since it last counted Canadians on 1 January.

Some two-thirds of the growth can be chalked up to international migration and Canadian  Visa grants, with the remainder of the increase due to natural population increases. 

Statistics Canada noted the rate of growth from Canadian immigration had slowed compared to previous years.

All provinces saw an increase in their population in the first three months of this year, except Nova Scotia.
Large increases in population were seen in the western provinces, with Saskatchewan reporting its biggest quarterly population increase since 1972.

British Columbia saw the highest growth in population with 4,510,900 ( 0.37% increase on 1 January 2010), followed by Saskatchewan with 1,041,700 (0.36% increase).

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