01 November 2012

Minister rebalances Canadian immigration system for 2013

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney ahs confirmed that while the total levels of migration intake will remain the same next year, the number of Canada visa allocations given to each demographic will change.

Canada visa

Jason Kenney has rearranged the quotas for Canadian visas in 2013.

Mr Kenney has already made sweeping changes to Canadian visa and immigration policy in the past few months; the most significant of these being the introduction of new legislation which prioritises young, skilled migrants with the capabilities to benefit the Canadian economy immediately.

"Immigrants coming through the Canadian Experience Class are more likely to quickly succeed based on our data as being typically younger workers with Canadian degrees and diplomas," said Mr Kenney. "What we're looking for is newcomers who are set for success as soon as they get their permanent residency."

In line with those changes, Mr Kenney has confirmed that annual immigration intake will remain at between 240,000 and 265,000 but how many visas are allocated to each group have changed.

"Immigration plays a vital role in our country's long-term prosperity," said the minister.

"Our 2013 immigration plan will build on our economic success by bringing in more of the world's top talent who already have a successful track record in Canada."

In 2011, just 6,000 foreign students and temporary foreign workers were allocated residency; this has been increased to 10,000 for the coming year.

"Our government's number one priority remains economic and job growth. Newcomers bring their skills and talent, contribute to our economy and help renew our workforce so that Canada remains competitive on the world stage," said Mr Kenney, labelling younger immigrants the 'immigrants of the future'.

"They are young. They have Canadian degrees or diplomas, they have strong Canadian language skills.

"They are set for success."

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