27 May 2010

Australian immigration figures show Indians now the fastest-growing minority

New figures show the Indian community has doubled in just six years and become the fastest-growing minority in Australia.

The Australian Immigration department estimates in 2007-08 the number of migrants from India grew more than any other country, even Britain or New Zealand. The department also estimates that the Indian-born population has risen from 110,563 in mid-2002 to 239,295 in mid-2008, overtaking Italians to become our fourth-largest migrant community.

In 2007-08, some 39,529 Indian-born migrants arrived as skilled migrants or to study.

In the same year the Chinese-born population in Australia grew by 32,563, New Zealand (31,248) dropped to third place, and Britain (17,397) was a distant fourth.

The Indian population grew faster still in 2008-09, with the addition of 40,000 people (40 per cent), but the year is expected to be a peak as total net migration in 2009-10 will be down by more than 50,000.

The British are still the largest migrant community with 1.166 million forming almost 6 per cent of the Australian population.

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