20 March 2009

Fewer Kiwis emigrating to Australia in year to February

The number of New Zealand nationals emigrating to Australia decreased last month, showing that the record highs from the year to December and January February dropped by 1,000 people in February.

The numbers of New Zealanders emigrating to Australia permanently, which has been attributed to the global economic conditions. 

According to Stuff.co.nz, Goldman Sachs JBWere investment research director Shamubeel Eaqub said the slowing down of New Zealand emigration would benefit the housing market in New Zealand, while the numbers of New Zealanders returning home would be likely to increase while the European recession crunches, which would bring home more skills to New Zealand.  He also predicted that the pressure on New Zealand work permit applications "may slow".

According to statistics, the number of permanent arrivals outnumbered the total permanent departures by 1,700 in February, which beats the 300 and 700 in December and January respectively.  During February, 200 more New Zealanders returned home permanently, while 200 more people emigrated to New Zealand.

The Australian Government's recent announcement to cutback the Australian skilled migration program will not affect the numbers of New Zealanders moving to Australia because nationals from both countries can live in either country without a visa or work permit.  The Australian Government has reduced the number of skilled visas from 133.500 to 115,000, so that the economy can better cope with the global economic conditions.

The Australian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with emigrating to Australia.

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